Swimming pool

From June 2019 our guests are able to use the heated pool (10x4 meters / 13x32 feet) at a low additional cost. This includes the whole pool area with large porch (60m2), additional bathroom.

For exclusive group bookings (made after 12th of March 2019) the use of the pool is included during opening hours.

The pool will have an automatic safety shutter and the whole pool area is fenced. Children wont be able to go to the pool area without consent of parents.

The pool is shared with the owners.

The Jacuzzi is for private use only.

Opening hours for guests during June - September 2019 are from 10am until 5.30pm and 8.30pm untill 10pm.

The swimming pool will re-open again 17th of April 2020 until end of September 2020.

We have chosen not to include the cost for the use of the pool area and pool in the roomprice. Not everyone wishes to make use of it, weather can be really bad, and not everyone swims every day (longer stays). This way we can keep the prices low for everyone, yet the pool and pool area is accessible for everyone who wishes to enjoy it.

Costs are €10 per room per day (occupied by 2 people). Are you staying with 3 or 4 persons in a room, then costs are €13 or € 16 respectively per day. Payment will be done in cash, unless prebooked.

The costs are per day, regardless how long you make use of the pool area during opening hours as described above.

Please note: group bookings made before  the 12th March 2019, can use the pool at additional cost of €50 and €60 per day depending on whether they rented  4 or 5 rooms exclusively.