B&B Resort Tremele in de Media

Since our opening in December 2018, B&B Resort Tremele has been in the media a number of times, or we have been chosen as a location for a photo shoot or video clip.

Below are some of these fun moments (scroll down to see them all):

-->Article about our monumental building in the Gelderlander:


-->Participation Bed & Breakfast 2019

Our participation in the program of NPO1 on March 17, 2019, called Bed and Breakfast, (Repeated on June 19, 2020). Please note. At that time we did not have a swimming pool and petting zoo.

There are various articles, including in the Gelderlander about our participation:



Curious about our family life?

Uitzending: Hoe gaat dat bij jullie thuis?

-->Photoshoot of Carmen Mattijsen's first clothing line, photo made by Julietthelabel:

-->Recordings promo film the Land van Maas en Waal with Jochem van Gelder and our kids as extras