Corona measures

We too have taken measures with regard to the CoVid-19 corona virus.

Fortunately, we have a very spacious resort and therefore we can receive our guests well and safely.
You can also rent the entire B&B resort exclusively for your group during the whole year.
In addition to the extra cleaning times during the day, we have made a number of provisions for as long as necessary:

Breakfast: It is now served per group on its own table, well away from the other groups. We ask at what time this is desired and will put everything on your table before you will be seated at the table. We will ask you to place the crockery in the dishwasher yourself and we will clean up the rest when you have left the table. In some cases this will mean that we serve breakfast for 1 or 2 groups under the veranda by the pool, if there is no more 1 1/2 meter space inside (lovely place!). We will try to coordinate the times in such a way that there is also a course here.

The heated swimming pool: The virus cannot survive in the swimming pool water, partly due to the chlorine and the PH in it. We bought extra sun loungers and we already had several sitting areas under the veranda and around the pool. Everyone has their own place. The sanitary facilities at the pool itself (WC and Shower) are closed until the guidelines change.
The garden: With 1000m2 of garden everyone has enough space. Nevertheless, we have created some extra seating areas at a very large distance from each other.

Also we have now included the use of the swimmingpool and poolhouse into the price. So people can decide to just make use of it

Sanitary facilities: Fortunately, every room / studio has its own bathroom and toilet. However, the shared toilet downstairs in the living room, and the sanitary facilities are closed if you do not rent the entire B&B exclusively with your group.

Cleaning: We now have extra cleaning times in one day focused on door handles and other places where there is contact by several. We have also put paper rolls at the washing facilities of the hands, a contactless soap dispenser, and you can even find bottles of alcohol (not drinkable) to spray things if you wish.

Check-in / Check-out: If several people come to check in at the same time, we ask you to wait outside the B&B. We will be right when we have shown the other guests everything. We already put keys to the rooms in the room itself.
Welcome and tour: Normally we give our guests an extensive tour and explanation. Now we will only do those parts where we can keep the correct distance. Via whatsapp we can also send any necessary explanations of, for example, a coffee machine to the hands of videos.